Alibi’s O’Leary: “Working within boundaries can lead to great art”

Chaos fills Devin O’Leary’s office. There are photographs of famous icons and fictional characters, some abstract paintings and a pair of gray boxer shorts. Papers are stacked on his desk together with a stegosaurus figurine. DVDs, Blu-rays and some tapes were scattered everywhere, while boxes containing stuff were loaded in one corner. As the film … Continue reading

UNM Scream Film Competition Spawns Good Entries despite Low Turnout

The SUB Ballroom B was filled with empty chairs Wednesday night during the first annual University of New Mexico Spring Scream Film Festival, a newly-established tradition organized by the Department of Cinematic Arts. Only 20 of the expected 100 attendees appeared in the event. “Well, this is only our first year,” the organizers explained. Yet … Continue reading

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