Alibi’s O’Leary: “Working within boundaries can lead to great art”

Chaos fills Devin O’Leary’s office. There are photographs of famous icons and fictional characters, some abstract paintings and a pair of gray boxer shorts. Papers are stacked on his desk together with a stegosaurus figurine. DVDs, Blu-rays and some tapes were scattered everywhere, while boxes containing stuff were loaded in one corner. As the film … Continue reading

Local Filmmaker Brings Sci-fi and Horror to Albuquerque

I had the chance to talk to Kurly Tlapoyawa, a local filmmaker and actor who has already directed and starred in a number of horror films, including Slumber Party Slaughterhouse and Wedding Slashers. Tlapoyawa also writes a regular film column for the Weekly Alibi. Currently, Tlapoyawa owns and manages Burning Paradise Video, a video shop … Continue reading

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