UNM Scream Film Competition Spawns Good Entries despite Low Turnout

The SUB Ballroom B was filled with empty chairs Wednesday night during the first annual University of New Mexico Spring Scream Film Festival, a newly-established tradition organized by the Department of Cinematic Arts. Only 20 of the expected 100 attendees appeared in the event. “Well, this is only our first year,” the organizers explained. Yet … Continue reading


When will Disney ever disappoint moviegoers? Okay, many times they have, with Hannah Montana the Movie, Camp Rock and other cheesy, superficial films showered with generous amounts of adolescent hormones, but they do make up for it. For example, look at their super poignant Oscar-nominated flick Up. Up centers on Carl Fredricksen (Ed Asner), a … Continue reading

“Hop” Disappoints despite Jumping to the Top

It seems that today’s movie industry focuses more on money than on solid entertainment. Want a proof? See Director Tim Hill’s very scattered, very amateur, cute-but-senseless Easter tribute “Hop.” “Hop” tells the story of E.B. (Russell Brand) – which presumably stands for “Easter Bunny,” a very cheesy attempt – a twenty-something-year-old member of a blue-blooded … Continue reading

Wan and Whannel’s “Insidious” Scares, Not Frightens

One might think that the infamous haunted-house horror film plot is already a very obsolete way of scaring, or even entertaining, people. But what if – just what if – the haunted house is filled with the grudge of children’s souls, the clown-faced spirits of a murdered family, some astral projectors and a red-faced demon who strives … Continue reading

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