Beth Cooper Taught Me Things

Teen flicks, with respect to Juno, are often mediocre if not bad. Maybe because these flicks tend to be too unrealistic and exaggerated, and thus instead of appealing to people, it appalls them. Few films of this kind tend to be at least minimally relatable. Surprisingly, I Love You, Beth Cooper, starring Hayden Panettiere, is … Continue reading

From Novel to Mediocrity

Okay, I am not the kind of person who loves dissing everything pop. I am about to spew a whole heap of hate in a bit, so get ready. The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, like its ancestors Twilight and New Moon, is just awful. I mean, I liked it much better than its predecessors – not … Continue reading

Once Upon a Hairy-tale…

Being tangled is not always a bad thing. Especially when you’re caught inside two hours full of adrenaline-filled chase scenes, heart-warming musical performances, hilariously crazy antics, and hair – 70 feet of hair! And that is exactly what Disney’s Tangled will get you into. Tangled depicts Disney’s take on one of the most infamous fairy … Continue reading

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