“Hop” Disappoints despite Jumping to the Top

It seems that today’s movie industry focuses more on money than on solid entertainment. Want a proof? See Director Tim Hill’s very scattered, very amateur, cute-but-senseless Easter tribute “Hop.” “Hop” tells the story of E.B. (Russell Brand) – which presumably stands for “Easter Bunny,” a very cheesy attempt – a twenty-something-year-old member of a blue-blooded … Continue reading

Wan and Whannel’s “Insidious” Scares, Not Frightens

One might think that the infamous haunted-house horror film plot is already a very obsolete way of scaring, or even entertaining, people. But what if – just what if – the haunted house is filled with the grudge of children’s souls, the clown-faced spirits of a murdered family, some astral projectors and a red-faced demon who strives … Continue reading

“Sucker Punch” Does Not Suck

Zack Snyder, the man who led 300, Watchmen and the remake of Dawn of the Dead to big-screen success, has done it again, this time through melding lobotomy, burlesque and guns-and-sword combats with Sucker Punch. With the psychological darkness of Shutter Island, the hardcore fight scenes of Kill Bill, the girl-power feel of Charlie’s Angels, … Continue reading

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