How to Throw a Movie-Themed Party

Movie-themed parties are one of the most amusing kinds of parties one can throw. Well, it does sound a little geeky, but trust me when I say that with these, you may even have one of the most fun you’ll ever have.

Step 1. MOVIE INVITATIONS: Although the party you are planning is all about movies, do not use cheesy Star Wars lines while inviting people to your party. You will only appear really geeky and freaky to people, and it would be really awkward if in your party, you’d watch the movie you prepared alone.

The most you can do is create a ticket to your party. This may still be a little cheesy, but if your friends like movies as much as you do, this will make your party appear really fun and interesting. You can also give them free popcorn and soda coupons, but don’t overdo it.

Step 2. DECORATIONS: If your parents allowed you to use the entire house for the night, or if they would not be home until tomorrow, you can transform your usual humble abode into a movie theater/premiere night/field shooting. You can put a red carpet on your doorstep and a photo booth at the end of the carpet. Just be sure you have a real paparazzi, or at least a real camera to take pictures of your friends fancy costumes.

You can also transform one of your house’s rooms into a theater. But don’t forget to conduct a survey among your friends on which movie they would want to watch. Posters will also be a nice addition to the aesthetics of your party.

Step 3. SNACKS: Popcorn, soda and candy are very popular and very practical snacks in these kinds of party. But don’t restrict yourself to these otherwise boring munchies. You can try to put twists in them, such as cinnamon flavored popcorn and grenadine soda, or you could also use other party snacks, including nuggets and cake, and bring some kind of twists with it. Just be creative!

Step 4. ACTIVITIES: You can organize a classic film showing n your party, or do movie trivia games and scene reenactments. As long as you got a lot of visitors, there are endless possibilities for fun. For more suggestions, check this out.

Now, these are just the basics in organizing a movie-themed party. With your imagination and a large creativity, you’ll end up having the best party of your life. Just don’t forget to clean up after the party, and if you are under 18, lay off the booze! Have fun!


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