Fourth Season of “In Plain Sight” Kicks Off Tonight

The fourth season of critically-acclaimed TV drama “In Plain Sight” begins tonight. The episode will be shown on USA channel at 8 pm MDT.

“In Plain Sight” depicts the lives of Mary Shannon (Mary McCormack), a nonconformist, nontraditional police officer and Marshall Mann (Fred Weller), a fifth-generation Deputy U.S. marshal, who is also Shannon’s partner and best friend, though recently, Mann has professed his love for Shannon.

The TV series is set in Albuquerque and is also shot in various places around the city.

Last July, the show was renewed for a fourth and fifth season. Its fourth season will start tonight.

Join me and Anthony Roibal as we liveblog tonight’s season premiere of “In Plain Sight.” To access the liveblog, click here.


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