UNM Scream Film Competition Spawns Good Entries despite Low Turnout

The SUB Ballroom B was filled with empty chairs Wednesday night during the first annual University of New Mexico Spring Scream Film Festival, a newly-established tradition organized by the Department of Cinematic Arts. Only 20 of the expected 100 attendees appeared in the event.

“Well, this is only our first year,” the organizers explained.

Yet despite the low turnout, the film featured four decent short films by college students and filmmakers from UNM and CNM. For a broader look at these films, check out the video below:

Directed by UNM student  Jesse Armijo, Glenwood Hills hit a grand slam in the competition. The film shown in the competition was part of a two-hour film about a haunted residence area named Glenwood Hills. The film won Best Villain and Best Overall Film.

A. Flores’ An Actor’s Obsession was also a fan favorite. The film tells the story of Esteban, a newbie actor who suddenly overshadows Pepe, the diva-acting veteran. Upon feeling aggravated, Pepe hunts Esteban and his co-actors down. The film won Best Male and Female Divas.

Students and filmmakers outside UNM were also allowed to submit entries. As such, CNM’s Existence was also warmly-received. The film was directed by a mysterious man in the name of Director X.  It depicts a man who makes deals regarding a dead person’s existence. The film has really exceptional editing, make-up and sound that it won Best Special Effects.

Lady in Black, directed by CNM student Jamie Emms, was not as popular as the other films. The film was in black and white, and tells a rather incomprehensible story. Yet, the acting was fairly good. The film did not snag a trophy in the competition.

Despite the narrow reception of the Spring Scream Competition, the Department of Cinematic Studies still plan to establish it as an annual event. They hope that next year, more people will attend and participate in the competition.


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