When will Disney ever disappoint moviegoers? Okay, many times they have, with Hannah Montana the Movie, Camp Rock and other cheesy, superficial films showered with generous amounts of adolescent hormones, but they do make up for it. For example, look at their super poignant Oscar-nominated flick Up.

Up centers on Carl Fredricksen (Ed Asner), a very old, very grumpy man, still burdened by the death of his wife, and Russell (Jordan Nagai), your typical across-the-street neighbor’s son, a boy with so much love to give but so little to receive.  Russell gets dragged along Mr. Fredricksen’s unusual conquest of flying his house using thousands of balloons into Paradise Falls, a plan he and his wife Ellie once had, and the boy unintentionally becomes the flying house’s co-captain. After being blown away by an unfortunate storm, the two must walk into the other side of the cliff to reach Paradise Falls. From there, the adventure begins.

Sure, this story line does not usually get included into the Holocaust-and-other-wars-centered line-up of Oscar-nominated movies. Yes, it is certainly unrealistic and very unbelievable, especially if you’re a scientist of some sort. Also, it is an animated film, a genre often considered to appeal only to children and rarely to adults. Yet Up soared beyond people’s expectations. Its plot is so appealing and emotional that once you viewed the film, you wouldn’t even consider the first three sentences of this paragraph.

The style used in this film is also very unique and equally elegant. The film opens with a simple montage of Carl and Ellie’s childhood, marriage, old age and finally, Ellie’s death.  An intricately-crafted orchestration accompanies the pictures, fitting each event of their life perfectly. This opening is so beautiful and touching that it is almost indescribable. With this, audience can easily relate to the couple’s hopes and desperations and thoroughly empathize with the successes and tragedies of their lives. It’s just so emotional, it bring a tear to people’s eyes.

Well, he's kind of strong for a 78-year-old man.

In addition, Up’s animation contains a trace of the traditional Pixar style, as being simple and appealing at the same time is Pixar’s specialty. It is wonderful how just with the animation, the movie can capture the audience eyes, when there is really nothing new with it. Maybe, it’s the remarkable chase scenes. Maybe, it’s the house pulled up by balloons. Or maybe, it’s just the colors in the screen that reminds people of their good old childhood memories. Who can tell?

But the most impressive thing in the movie is the message it tells. Up teaches people, especially those still caged inside their dysfunctional past, to learn to let go. It tells people to move on, to continue into their future, to look ahead instead of looking back for them to see the goodness that life can still offer. It also tells audience to appreciate the simple things in life. As Russell puts it, “The most boring things are the ones I remember the most.” And the best part is that it does not preach its message; it makes you understand by yourself. It makes you feel rather than hear. That way, Up draws closer to your heart.

One can bet that in the following years, Up will continue to be an untouchable Disney classic. It never fails to entertain and fascinate audience while teaching them a very important life lesson. With everything it features, this movie is a priceless treasure. Get the DVD as it’s definitely worth the buck.

What about you, guys? Did Up made you cry because of its beauty, or because of frustration and the desire to get your money back? Tell me in the comments.

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  1. nanay wella says:

    I like this too!!! Congratulations!!! Keep up the good work!!! God bless you!

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