“Hop” Disappoints despite Jumping to the Top

It seems that today’s movie industry focuses more on money than on solid entertainment. Want a proof? See Director Tim Hill’s very scattered, very amateur, cute-but-senseless Easter tribute “Hop.”

“Hop” tells the story of E.B. (Russell Brand) – which presumably stands for “Easter Bunny,” a very cheesy attempt – a twenty-something-year-old member of a blue-blooded clan of rabbits living in Easter Island – yes, another cheesy attempt – pressured by his father to finally become in charge of this year’s upcoming Easter. Not wanting to follow his father’s footprints, he magically escapes to Hollywood with a dream of becoming a famous drummer, where he accidentally meets Fred (James Marsden), an unemployed man who claims to have seen the Easter bunny when he was younger. Together, they go through a series of goofs and loops to help each other to reach their dreams, and ultimately, to save Easter.

The film’s plot is like making people laugh using a recklessly-assembled bicycle; people only laugh when they see the bike break down. The storyline of “Hop” is almost disassembled that it not only confuses the audience, it also irritates (some of) them. Yet although very clichéd, this film has some potential. The film is just rusted up by a lot of unnecessary characters, scenes and lines that it seems that the producers could have oiled it a tad more.

The style does not make up for the plot either. The film exudes a huge dose of cuteness, almost too cute to be true. This makes the villainous chick’s bunny-metamorphosis scene near the end of the film seem creepy and misplaced. There are also a lot of very insignificant and equally corny parodies. Although some of these are actually funny, they all serve as shticks that remove the audience eyes from the main story. Well maybe this film is specially designed for children who would not really care about the story, but for god’s sake, didn’t Universal think that adults are going to be accompanying children in the cinema?

It would be my pleasure to play guitar with my favorite animal.

The only impressive thing one could possibly like in this movie – that is, besides the film’s first minute of funny parodies – is the animation. Yes, many movies of the same genre (notably, “Alvin and the Chipmunks”) has featured an animation as efficiently as “Hop,” but this movie used it in a more functional, yet still very cheesy purpose, as it does not only feature an animated character in the human world; it also does vice versa. This movie maximized its use of animation, which is considerably good. That is why one is completely bummed out once they understood, if they ever do, what this film is really about.

So people, do not get carried away by the hype of this movie. Despite sitting on the top of the past two weeks’ box office, this film really disappoints unless you are a kid (which I assume you are not if you are even logged on to Facebook while reading this). While being an okay public notice that Easter is coming, “Hop” is a frustrating Easter greeting that will just hypnotize audience and make them wonder as the closing credits roll, “What just happened?”

Now, how about you guys? Did you like “Hop” (I assume, you didn’t)? Tell me in the comments below.

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