In horror film demographics, there are generally two kinds of people: one who likes watching disgustingly fresh zombies scooting around just for the gore, and one who thinks that zombies are so 70s and despises the filthy creatures. With regard to the horror genre, the two populations often repel, so it is amazing how Zombieland, starring, among all, Oscar nominees Jesse Eisenberg and Woody Harrelson, makes them unite.

Zombieland is set in the U.S. circa 2009, but with zombies having overtaken everything because of an epidemic passed through the country’s burger production, aka Zombieland. The story revolves around Columbus (well not really his name, but that’s what they call him), a college student who struggles to return to his hometown – you’ve guessed it – Columbus, Ohio with hopes of seeing his family not hungry for his flesh. On his way, he meets several characters, takes a few detours and goes on the adventure of his life.

One quite impressive thing this movie has is a perfect cast. Jesse Eisenberg is cast perfectly as Columbus, as his typical 20-something-college-guy persona fits the role, as well as Woody Harrelson as Tallahassee, a tough trooper who seems to be cold-hearted towards zombies, but gentle towards people he love. Emma Stone also plays Wichita, Columbus’ cunning and frightening love interest, perfectly, and so does Abigail Breslin as Little Rock, Wichita’s younger but equally witty sister. Each one of them fits the holes in Zombieland’s jigsaw puzzle and completes the movie.

Another thing that many other zombie flicks do not have is style – original, comprehensible, unique style. Did any other zombie movie name their characters from their place of origin? Did they tell you rules on how to exterminate the devious beings, making it all sound so real? Did they even have the idea of making a plotline as original as this, where bloodiness, instead of being the focus, becomes the last thing that should matter? Guess not.

And that is another point – the movie’s bloodiness. Most zombie movies, as most of us can observe, focus on depicting the gore into the eyes of the people. Maybe they want to warn us of some things that might create a zombie by terrifying us with their flicks’ violence, or maybe they are just plain blood-loving film connoisseurs. One would not know.

"We're not terrifying them...try harder!"

Yet Zombieland contains minimal, well okay, maybe some gore (depends on how used to zombie movies you are), but it certainly does not exceed the point in which the audience will just get terrified and not absorb the story at all. Heck, Zombieland has a really great plot with a little drama, a considerable dose of romance and a whole heap of comedy, it almost seems like a non-genre film. This horror movie is not just a horror movie. This movie almost has it all, and so it would not be surprising if it captures the cinematic taste buds of two very different demographics.

Oh and one more lovable thing about this movie is its happy ending. Most horror films have a brutal disappointing ending, a confusing ending with no resolution at all, or an annoying twist at the end. Zombieland again stands out by striving to defy that convention by not employing that typical no-happy-endings strategy and developing and excelling on its own style.

If you are still not convinced, this movie, on a side note, is the highest grossing zombie movie of all time. Can you believe it even surpassed Dawn of the Dead? Well, if you are a horror fanatic, I am sure that you’re pretty convinced by now. But if you are not one, why not get the DVD and see for yourself? Horror movies are not always mediocre, you know.

And if you are simply embarrassed that you may scream and spill the popcorn while watching it, don’t be. There is a lot more in Zombieland than what you can imagine.

Well what do you think, guys? Did you really care about Zombieland, or was it just another horror movie for you? Tell me in the comments.

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  1. Very good,, keep it up!

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