Singin’ and Tappin’ in the Rain

I kind of regret that I watched Singin’ in the Rain. Now I want to learn tap dance so badly.

Well, I have long been a fan of musical films, but Singin’ in the Rain is different. It’s like the great, great grandfather of musical films. It marked the end of conventional films and revolutionized the way musicals were made. No wonder it was named by the American Film Institute as the fifth best film ever made.

Singin’ tells the story of Don Lockwood (Gene Kelly), a stuntman turned silent movie star, and Kathy Selden (Debbie Reynolds), a simple but sassy performer with a dream of dominating Broadway one day. The two meet and fall in love with each other, and are connived by Lina Lamont, a vaudeville star with a voice unwelcomed by the audience. With the help of their friend Cosmo (Donald O’Connor), they thrive into the cinematic world’s transition from vaudeville to voiced movies.

Gene Kelly is such a legend. First of all, I have long been a fan and advocate of dance, and thus I can tell that his feet move marvelously when he tap dance. He is unarguably the best tap dancer I have ever witnessed in my entire life. His performance with Donald O’Connor and Debbie Reynolds in Good Morning amazes me every time. I even made it my phone’s alarm tone to inspire me to get up in the morning, since every time I hear this song, I remember Gene Kelly’s feet.

Little did he know that he'd get flu in the morning.

What’s more, Gene can actually sing. He has this absolutely jazzy timber that never fails to impress me. His performance in the title song Singin’ in the Rain is one of the most well-known musical numbers of all eras. And he can sing while dancing. Having some experience in the theater, I know how hard that must be, but he seemed effortless, and that kind of execution makes him stand out.

Debbie Reynolds is equally marvelous. She may not be an excellent tapper, but her voice is so angelic. Her performance in All I Do is Dream of You, though short, is exceptional. My favorite part in the movie is when she was singing her part in Good Morning with her bluesy voice. Her voice is so special, it is almost extinct in today’s auto-tune-filled music industry, and this makes not only her, but the entire movie stand out.

One thing I mostly loved in Singin’ is how the performances are arranged
and filmed. I know musicals have been existing long before the release of this movie, but all the style, all the stunts, all the antics seem new and different. It seems so revolutionary that some of its performances’ styles are still being copied up to this day. Also, Singin’ is one of the few, if not the only, tap movie I have seen. One can really recognize how this movie strives to be different by using tap dance. As a result, they inspired the world to tap and revolutionized not only cinemas but dance, too.

Singin’ in the Rain is a proven classic. I deeply encourage you to get a DVD of this one of a kind revolutionary musical. The experience you will get will definitely be worth the buck.

So, do you guys love Singin’ in the Rain, too? Don’t forget to tell me in the comments!

2 Responses to “Singin’ and Tappin’ in the Rain”
  1. nanay wella says:

    Amazing and admirable, keep up! two thumbs up..

  2. Kylie says:

    yes definitely love “singing in the rain”, tap is my passion

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