Once Upon a Hairy-tale…

Being tangled is not always a bad thing.

Especially when you’re caught inside two hours full of adrenaline-filled chase scenes, heart-warming musical performances, hilariously crazy antics, and hair – 70 feet of hair! And that is exactly what Disney’s Tangled will get you into.

Tangled depicts Disney’s take on one of the most infamous fairy tale princesses, Rapunzel (Mandy Moore).  Do I even need to narrate her story?  I mean, if you’re not familiar with the exploits of Rapunzel, you must have had a sucky childhood (I’m kidding!).

Oh, but Disney, being the genius it always is, decides to twist the plot a little. Rapunzel’s Prince Charming in this animated flick is far from being a prince, but is absolutely not short of being charming. Flynn Rider (Zachary Levi), a false suspect in some kind of theft in the kingdom, accidentally finds Rapunzel locked in her tower, and from their all the hysteria begins.

Mandy Moore is perfectly cast as Rapunzel. The singer, or rather her voice, makes the entire experience seem so real. Rapunzel seems to have really been locked up in a tower by an evil witch in some kingdom in the 17th century. I can personally sense the playfulness and cluelessness in her voice, as well as her innocence and yearning for true love. Mandy transmutes her identity to the princess, and creates a character entirely different from the Rapunzel we have known of.

Can Disney ever run out of ideas? Again, the company does not fail to surprise with their creation of Flynn Rider. I mean, seriously, how many of the Disney princesses’ love interests have beards? Only Flynn freaking Rider! That was an excellent touch. Also, Zachary Levi voices our bearded prince quite okay. I still think that he isn’t the perfect fit, since I have always expected Flynn to have a more suave voice. I think it’s the effect of the goatee. So Zach is not exceptional, but he is definitely good enough.

"Give it up... I won't blink, you know."

Above all, I applaud Disney for incorporating a brand new plotline to Rapunzel’s, well, boring story. Okay, I’ll admit it. I have never liked Rapunzel since I have always thought that her story lacks thrill. Her story once went like this: baby captured by an evil witch, locked her in a tower for years, never allowed her to cut her hair, prince comes over one day and saves her, the end. Disney’s modification brings color to the princess’ once plain life. It elaborates Rapunzel’s personality and life experiences more thoroughly, so thorough that it’s almost real, and not just a plain fairy tale. With that, Disney made me love Rapunzel for the first time.

Not to mention the film’s music and hysterical antics. All in all, “Tangled” is one of those rare treats for you and your entire family. It will definitely make you laugh, sob, feel outraged and thrilled. Heck, it can even inspire you to grow your own hair and get tangled in it. Well, at least I was.

What do you guys think? Does “Tangled” make you want a long hair or not? Tell me in the comments below.

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